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Thu 26.9. – Sun 29.9.2019

We are women* of all colours and ages as well as different preferences and values. Despite all diversity, we have one thing in common: the decision to fully occupying our female body, to re-create it and to question the social structures that have been forced upon it. A body that needs to be more empowered, loved and respected, free to move and discover the power to express itself as a political space.

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Artists Wanted!

The International Women‘s* Theatre Festival in Frankfurt encourages women* to share their role in the theatre of the future. Once again this year we invite female* artists to contribute to our program with their artistic work. Theatre makers and performers will perform on 4 days, give workshops and discuss in exchange with the audience and with other invited scientific, socially active and otherwise engaged women* and discuss together to experience.

For 2019, we have set the theme „Collective Empowerment“ . In the process, we approach the challenge of how to change the dynamics of power relations. The main goal is to strengthen feminist* initiatives in the performing arts: among other things, the establishment of a sustainable, international theatre project dedicated to the visibility of women* in theatre and performative art in the long term.

Deadline: 30.08.2019


Saturday 3 August 2019
18:00 – 20:00

The Political Women’s* Café

The Political Women’s* Café gives female* migrants and refugees the opportunity to exchange views on political issues in an open, supportive and familiar atmosphere. At the Sommerwerft, we engage in group discussions about empowerment and solidarity.

Sommerwerft Festival

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Saturday 24.8.2019
17:00 – 21:30


There are a number of interesting and committed feminist* cultural initiatives in Frankfurt. Current thought in the field of culture show the importance of networking and sharing experience. At this event both older and newly established initiatives will be presented to a broad audience in Frankfurt in order to enable networking and visibility.

Volkshochschule Frankfurt (Adult Education Center Frankfurt)

Friday 13.9.2019
19:00 – 19:30

CORPUS MUNDI – A woman across borders

A Brazilian Woman is sharing with the audience stories and memories from her body and its black female heritage. She brings a biographic narrative that trespasses geographies, aesthetics borders and movement beyond private experiences and public commitments. This performance is an invitation to everyone that wants to share understanding between living beings.

KNOT – Magdalena München 2019

Saturday 14.9.2019
22:00 – 06:00

Goethe Gönn Dir! Vol.13

During the semester breaks, we treat ourselves to it and organize a Goethe Gönn Dir-Soliparty in favor of the International Women‘s* Theatre Festival. We look forward, together with you all the 14.09. turn from 22 clock to a magical enchanted night. So #savethedate and appears numerous, drinks and dances with us! 3×2 guest list places will be raffled among all who share the event on Facebook!

As always, we depend on your help this time as well. We are looking for all layers still helping hands. As always there is free entry and free drinks. The dismantling is remunerated with 12.50 € per hour. Join our
helpers list now!

Café KOZ

Sunday 15.9.2019
15:00 – 18:00

Magdalena Presentations

  • Magdalena Munich Season with Helen Varley Jamieson (NZ / DE) and Sabine Bollenbach (DE)
  • Voz Láctea – Magdalena Tarahumara with Sylvie Marchand (FR), Claudia Urrutia (CH / FR) and Raquel Ro (SP / DE)
  • Magdalena Frankfurt Women‘s* Theatre Festival with Bárbara Carvalho (BR / DE)

Gina Saggiante (MX/DE)

Schwanthalerstr. 80
80336 München

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