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Save the date!

Thu 24.9. – Sun 27.9.2020

Streaming-Programm online

Einschalten zur blauen Stunde und das Internationale Frauen*Theater-Festival mit Freund*innen daheim erleben! Donnerstags bis sonntags werden Teile des Programms auf dem Kulturgelände protagon e. V. digital auf unserer Webseite  sowie auf Facebook gestreamt.

Den Link findet Ihr hier: https://vimeo.com/event/309986

HEUTE: 20:15 AVE MARIA mit Julia Varley, Odin Teatret


This year, we are counting (on) you! All visitors at protagon e.V. register with name and address. Please bring a pen of your own as well as mouth/nose protection.

In 2020, only a limited number of visitors can stay on site at the same time.

We will offer a fast lane for artists, the crew and well-prepared guests.

Bring your toolkit for a safe & fast admission:

  1. completed visitor registration form
  2. mouth/nose protection

Mouth/nose protection can also be purchased at the entrance, if necessary. Please wear it until you have taken your seats.

On site

The International Womyn‘s Theatre Festival is an event with fixed seating in several spots on site. If a particular seating spot is completely filled, we ask the visitors to take a seat in another spot. There will be NO STANDING ROOM during the performance.

Our safety coordinators and safety partners asked us to also mention that dancing will not be possible either.

Please take these important notes to heart! The success of the International Womyn‘s Theatre Festival hinges upon it.

Distance and hygiene regulations 2020

Let us show together that it is possible to organize public events in accordance with Covid-19 regulations in a respectful, peaceful and high-quality cultured way.  In order to run the event exemplary, please remember that everything is related – we all are responsible for our environment …

  • Basic distance and hygiene regulations:
    • Please keep physical distance
    • Please have mouth/nose protection with you, pulling it down is allowed when sitting
    • Please don‘t form groups
    • Please use the disinfection stations
  • fast lane for artists, the crew and guests with a completed registration form.

We thank you for your understanding.

We are protagon e. V. – Freunde und Förderer freier Theateraktionen!

We are women* of all colours and ages as well as different preferences and values. Despite all diversity, we have one thing in common: the decision to fully occupying our female body, to re-create it and to question the social structures that have been forced upon it. A body that needs to be more empowered, loved and respected, free to move and discover the power to express itself as a political space.

About us

I am more than happy to know that Barbara’s International Frauen* Theatre Festival is happening and on behalf of The Magdalena Project, International Network of Women in Contemporary Theatre. I sincerely hope that everyone involved, artists, organisors, technicians and audiences have a truly rewarding experience.

In the strange and distanced time we are living we need to find ways to connect, to be together, to defy the isolation. The possibility to make live streams is one way to exercise that defiance. We can witness each other’s work and be present for each other. But we all know that live stream is not the living encounter that we all treasure in the theatre. Being present in the same room, exchanging energy and concentration. Sharing ideas in the live medium of performance. These times are asking us to think differently. To think NEW. How can we sustain liveness whist staying within the guidelines metered out by our confused, sometimes incompetent, governments – we are all trying to stay safe.

We need to step outside of the familiar structures that we call theatre and define the heart of what it really is – live exchange. This can be done in so many ways and now is the time for re invention. Theatre does not have to be on a stage in a theatre building with the audience in the dark silently watching those on the elevated stage with light on them – speaking their ideas and truths. Theatre people can invent encounters of myriad shapes and forms – we just have to think outside of the box – literally. A lot of experimentation may result in a lot of failures but from the piles of manure beautiful flowers can eventually blossom.

I am sure the encounters and discussions and performances that will be offered in these days will fuel these contemporary cross border and cross-cultural debates and thinking. And I hope that many will leave the comfort zone and risk these failures so we can find new ways in these strange, challenging and exciting times.

Jill Greenhalgh
Founding Artistic Director – The Magdalena Project


This year, we are counting (on) you! All visitors at protagon e.V. register with name and address. Please bring a pen of your own as well as mouth/nose protection. In 2020, only a limited number of visitors can stay on site at the same time.......

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