Angel Gabriel

Angel Gabriel –Clowneske Performance on vertical cloth

– Gabriela Schwab Veloso

Gabriela plays an Armor who wants to return from earth to heaven after a working day which he spends trying to make spectators and audience fall in love with each other. But he finds that his wings no longer work. From the sky he is handed down a cloth, which he tries to climb. But it’s not as easy as it seemed at first! Many drops and bends later, Armor finally reaches his goal: the doors of heaven open and Armor dances with joy tat being able to fly again.

🗓️ Date | Sunday, 24.09.

Time | 4:00 p.m. – Duration | 30 min


🌍 Language | German

👥Participants* | n/a

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    Gabriela Schwab Veloso graduated as an actress from the Universidade de São Paulo and has a master's degree in dance studies from the FU Berlin. She learned aerial artistry on her own and combines it with theatre and dance in her work.

    She is currently touring Germany with the solo performance Angel Gabriel, a piece about love in its many facets. Earlier this year she was artistic director and performer for Über den Schatten springen, an artistic short about autism and society. In 2021/2022 she participated as an artist with Maranasati Company in Over my dead Body, an exploration of the perception of death in different cultures.

    In the years before she conceived and realised the project Zeitfenster oder die Farbe meiner Wand war ein bisschen verändert, an aerial theatre solo about women in the Corona pandemic, with performances in Darmstadt, Frankfurt/Main and Berlin and participated in the Welcome Project Group in Intime Fremde (2018-2019), a reflection on the refugee situation and being a stranger, performed in Germany and Italy. She is also involved in numerous projects in the independent scene.


Sep 24 2023




Wächtersbacher Str. 63, 60386 Frankfurt am Main