antagon BodyLab – Performance Laboratorium (Experimental Performance)

antagon BodyLab – Performance Laboratorium (Experimental Performance)

– with antagon theaterAKTion and guests

Since 2014, antagon theatreAKTion has been organising “BodyLab” – an exchange and communication space between artists and audience for the development of socio-politically relevant performances and happenings within theatre culture. As a semi-open format, BodyLab challenges the notion of art as the presentation of a finished product by engaging in the creative process with the audience even before the completion of a show.

This year, antagon takes inspiration from the festival theme “Feminism (inter) generational” and seeks to dialogue with the artistic legacy of womxn from 33 years of group life. The BodyLab will share with the audience some of the scenes, body and voice exercises developed by womxn that have helped build the group’s formation work and scenic identity over the years.

with Antagon – performers such as Bárbara Luci Carvalho, Edith van den Elzen, Effi Bodensohn, Lauren Boissonnet, Anna D’Errico, Patsch Hailer, Solal Mazet, Dario Lozano Ramirez, Michael Schmidt, Benedict Müller, Lucas Tanajura, Ruben Wielsch, Bobby Packham, Max Büttner and Bernhard Bub. As guests: Jeanette Hirth, Christine Werber, Barbara Abraham, Liz Nolte, Daniela Christ and Drazenka Vecerin, Julia Bartels… and other guests.

🗓️ Date | Tuesday, 19.09.

Time | 07:30 p.m. – Duration | 20 min


🌍 Language | German & English

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Sep 19 2023