Body Lab Performance Laboratorium

BodyLab is an interchange and communication space between artists and audience for the development of politically relevant performances and happenings within theater culture. The laboratory seeks the creative process with the audience before it is seen as a piece on stage. By questioning behavioral, physical, and cultural patterns, it seeks to work with the body in a more free-flowing and experimental way. This year’s theme is “Womxn performing selves”.

With: Bernhard Bub, Barbara Carvalho, Lucas Tanajura, Anna Orkolainen, Ruben Wielsch, Julian Boehme, Benedikt Müller, Lauren Boissonnet, Gerardo Vitale, Effi Bodensohn, Simone Galli, Thiago Reis, Myrthe van den Kieboom, Maximilian Friedel, Lisa Skogstad, Magdalena Wielgosinsk, Bobby Packham, Max Büttner, Edith van den Elzen Team, Lena Neckel, Sandra Kiesel, KimLote Stöber | antagon theaterAKTion.  Team | antagon TheaterAKTion

Since 2014, antagon theaterAKTion organizes the “bodyLab”, an intersectional platform for creative experimentation in the performing arts.


Sep 17 2021




protagon Kulturgelände
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