DJane carolitaLApomba

DJane carolitaLApomba combines the regional rhythms from the north and northeast of Brazil with the international songs from São Paulo’s contemporary electro scene. In addition, there are songs from the favelas of larger cities like Rio de Janeiro and Recife. Her perspective is that of the periphery and the black women, queers and men who produce incredibly exciting music. She wants to give a voice to these oppressed subjects and dance the joy of life with a lot of pleasure.

DJane carolitaLApomba comes from a Brazilian island where you don’t hear bossa nova, but carimbó, guitarrada and tecnobrega. Since 2018, she has been DJaning as DJane carolitaLApomba (formerly as CAROLITANEGALÔRA), among others at Club Voltaire at the event series Rebelde, at Atelier Orbit24 and now for the third time at the International Womxn Theater Festival.


Sep 18 2021




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