International Women‘s* Theatre Festival

DJane CarolitaLApomba feat. Djane Sora

DJane CarolitaLApomba feat. Djane Sora

DJane CarolitaLApomba combines regional rhythms from the north and northeast of Brazil with international songs from São Paulo’s contemporary feminist electro scene and the “Tambores de Minas”. In addition, there are songs from the favelas of the big cities like Rio de Janeiro and Recife. Their perspective is that of the periphery and the black women, queers and men who produce incredibly exciting music. This year she brings Djane Sora, who spins Romanian Techno-trans, protomanele and Arabic Techno. They want to give a voice to these oppressed subjects, dance the joy of life with a lot of pleasure and together bring a motley musical perspective to the festival.

🗓️ Date | Wednesday, 20.09.

Time | 09:30 p.m. – Duration | n/a


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    Caroline Brandao de Carvalho

    Caroline Brandao de Carvalho, born in Minas Gerais, Brazil, has lived in Frankfurt am Main since 2016. She works in an association that supports migrant women. She has worked artistically in film and performancein Brazil and Germany, among other places. Since 2019, she has been DJing as carolitaLApomba in clubs and at various events. She will be DJing at the IWTF for the fourth time.


Sep 20 2023


21:30 - 22:30