Drag King workshop

Workshop held by Zed Zeldi Zed (drag king figure of Zoe Gudovi)

Learning from Zed!

Many of us often imagine how it would be if we would allow ourselves to behave as men mostly do in our private or public surroundings. Do we have it in ourselves? And what is “it”? Do we actually want “it” in our lives or not? Through the workshop, we will jointly “dissect” male gender identities in ourselves and in society, having lots of fun. The workshop includes a brief education on creations and artistic interventions of drag king performers, inspired by Diana Torr and her work, and a longer practical work where we will look for the participants’ drag personas and try them out right away.

Zed Zeldić Zed’s stature and voice move mountains, stamp them into valleys, pour over them from up high, and spice it all up, warming your heart. With his velvety beauty, sculptured splendor, raw and naïve kindliness, he knows one thing: Birds of a feather rock together. Thus Zed, with no hesitation, gives everyone his or her ration. He likes the most to flaunt his bright gleam, being a rascal of high esteem!

Zoe Gudović is a feminist, lesbian, multidisciplinary art practitioner and activist. Whether acting as a theater educator, performer, drag king transformer or toilet artist, she combines artistic and activist methods in order to change the existing consciousness and social relations. She is a pivotal figure in the feminist and lesbian movement in Serbia and works, among other things, as an editor and presenter of the radio program  Ženergija. Zoe created the figure of Zed Zeldi Zed in 2003 and ever since he has led an autonomous life taking them both to incredible adventures.

Date: Friday, September 17th, 2021
Time: 10 a.m. – 1 p.m.
Location: Groove Dance Studio, Wächtersbacher Str. 76, 60386 Frankfurt
Fee: 30€
Participants: 10 persons
Language: English

Please bring: make-up (powder, brown eye shadow, eyeliner), some men’s clothes, shoes, whatever you have, a light wardrobe for practicing before the transformation.

Please note: It is important that the women who participate in the workshop take part in the final performance/conversation. If by any chance you do not want to perform/talk in public, let us know.



Sep 17 2021


10:00 - 13:00


Groove Dance Studio
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