Elektronische Musik Irinski

Irinski transforms the evening with a variety of musical styles such as Sinti-Chanson, Cossack-Pop, Trans-Siberian Indie as well as Oriental and Balkan beats. From Paris to Persepolis, from Berlin to Baikal, Irinski is always in search of critical, queer and feminist beats. With these driving and rebellious sounds Irinski wants to bring more diversity into the usual listening habits and thus not only overcome musical boundaries. Made with luv – for open ears and hearts!

Irinski is a DJ*ane from Mainz, who feels comfortable in feminist, queer and critical spaces. She lived in the former Soviet Union for several years and wants to let people hear that there are feminist, queer and critical artists from Russia, Ukraine, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Israel, etc.



Sep 24 2020




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