Frauen trommeln für Menschenrechte

Music in general and percussion in particular encourages the development of motor and mental skills and stimulates creativity. It is also a great ally in stress prevention and helps improve the quality of life. The “Women Drumming for Human Rights” project is based in diverse, cosmopolitan Frankfurt and is open to all women of the world. So far, the initiative brings together more than twelve women from seven countries.

Frauen trommeln für Menschenrechte The project is open to all women of the world. Through the Afro-Brazilian rhythm of the drums, we do not only experience powerful interaction and multicultural exchange, but we also practice indispensable activism for human rights, especially women’s rights. We drum at human rights events, in institutions for the protection of women and children, in refugee centers, in women’s shelters, etc. Participants: Caroline Brandão, Daniela Anderson, Doro Gauland, Doris Caceres, Conni, Isa Batalha, Jamila Adamou, Mon Saladie, Sylvia Navarrete, Maria Mazarelo Gomes, guest: Tina Freitas.


Sep 15 2021




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