Garage NO. 8

Garage NO. 8

– Ann Dargies , Anna Orkolainen & Mahfam Nozhat Shoar

The performance is about two women who do not know each other but both cook in a kitchen on a voluntary basis. The kitchen is located in a garage and we watch them cooking e.g. Russian and German food. At the end of the performance, when the food in the kitchen is ready, we all eat and drink together.

In this kitchen, stories are told in the womens’ own verbal and artistic languages and from their own past and present cultures. In the remains of a kitchen, they knead dough and shape food, they form and shape images of a future.

Images marked by great distance but within it by intense closeness. In the spaces in between: Something third, indescribable and deeply human.

  • Direction & Installation: Mahfam Nozhat Shoar
  • Dance & Acting: Anna Orkolainen und Ann Dargies

🗓️ Date | Friday, 22.09.

Time | 9:15 p.m. – Duration | 70 min


🌍 Language | German

👥 Participants* | Age: 14+

🌐 Contact |

  • BIOS:

    Ann Dargies, Anna Orkolainen & Mahfam Nozhat Shoar

    Ann Dargies

    was born in Germany in 1952 and has been a freelance theatre maker for 40 years. Since 1989 she has been founder and artistic & operational director of Theater Transit GbR. She is also founder and co-director of the Schule für Clown- und Ensembletheater in Vienna & Darmstadt. Besides that, she is on the board of Freie Theaterszene e.V. Darmstadt. She works with colleagues in Germany, Austria, Iran, Estonia, Poland and with various associations of the Hessian and national independent scene. Her main focus is on the stage, political theatre, local performances, action and interaction in public spaces, clown theatre as well as choreographic theatre according to Tadeusz Kantor - always theatre that touches.

    Anna Orkolainen

    was born in 1981 in Soviet Estonia and is a dance and theatre teacher, dancer, performer, choreographer and Butoh dancer. She has a Master's degree in Dance Education from the Theatre Academy in Helsinki and is passionate about choreography, dance and performance in various independent dance and theatre projects. For the last ten years she has been part of the outdoor theatre community AntagonTheaterAction. She also draws on a wealth of experience from workshops, trainings and many years of collaboration and pupilhood with such experienced and formative teachers as Nina Dipla (Pina Bausch ensemble), Slava Polunin (clowning), Atsushi Takenuchi (Jinen Butoh) and Shusaku Takeuchi (Shusaku Bodytorium, Netherlands Dance Theatre).

    Mahfam Nozhat Shoar

    was born in Iran in 1990, lives in Mainz and is currently studying theatre at the Johannes Gutenberg University. She works in the independent theatre scene in Darmstadt and Frankfurt am Main. While studying graphics in Iran from 2009 to 2012, she began her career as an actress, performer and director. She received her training at various Iranian stages from 2008 to 2013. Since 2015, she has worked at various Frankfurt theatre stages such as Landungsbrücken, Tanzlabor 21 - Mousonturm and Antagon TheaterAKTion, as well as in Darmstadt at Theater Transit, Theater Mollerhaus and the Ann Dargies Clown School. One production took her to the Ballhaus Ost in Berlin. She works permanently at Theater Transit. She has always maintained contact with theatre in Iran. She works on Iranian-German productions that were shown at the Tehran festival "The 20th of IRAN INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY THEATER FESTIVAL", among others.


Sep 22 2023