Ihr lebt in mir (You live in me)

Ihr lebt in mir (You live in me)

– Terezinha Malaquias

The performer stands in front of the pictures of the Oliveira/Malaquias family. Each image is projected individually onto the centre of her heart. At the same time, we hear a letter written by the performer. It is her “femenagem” to her ancestors, but also to the women of the next generations. The audience is invited to sit in a circle and share their own memories while tasting “polvilho” biscuits baked by the performer according to her maternal grandmother’s recipe. This is accompanied by “canjica”, a Brazilian dessert made from corn, and warm drinks.

🗓️ Date | Sunday, 24.09.

Time | 7:00 p.m. – Duration | 40 min


🌍 Language | German

👥 Participants* | n/a

🌐 Contact | https://www.terezinhamalaquias.com

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    Terezinha Malaquias

    is a body and performance artist. For many years she worked as an art model in Brazil and in Europe, where she has lived since 2008. The Afro-Brazilian, who takes her art with her everywhere, is also a writer and poet. Trained as a sculptor in Germany, she has a long path of engagement with art and literature behind her. Her research is about ancestry and reverence for the memory of her ancestors. She talks about issues that are painful for black and non-black people without losing sensitivity and lightness.  The style of her performances and video performances is contemplative and meditative, with an invitation to reflect, to look within. Her work is silence that makes us reflect while watching her live performance or video.


Sep 24 2023