In her face or The author is dead

IN HER FACE or THE AUTHOR IS DEAD is a production by
Hannah Schassner/Léa Zehaf/Antigone Akgün as part of 20.21 KANE innen.

A female author is asked to write a play about Sarah Kane. In the therapy room, on the train, at her desk, but also in her body, her reflection and her subconscious, we follow her writing process. Léa Zehaf and Antigone Akgün play the same character. They work like two sides of the same coin, always visible at the same time: The vulnerability of one side generates the irony of the other, weakness generates strength, self-hatred generates overconfidence, sadness generates cheerfulness. An emotional swing is the framework by means of which the character moves through six rooms located on the stage.

Language: German
Duration: 110 min without intermission
Actresses: Léa Zehaf, Antigone Akgün
Direction and Organisation: Hannah Schassner
Technical support: Nina Koempel

Trigger warning:
This production deals with topics of sexualized, physical and psychological violence. This may be perceived as oppressive by some viewers.


Sep 18 2021




Hauptbühne Outdoor protagon
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