Louisa Laos

Louisa Laos

“I always feel torn between two sides. All the time between the past and the future. I always wonder what life could be like on the other side. ”

24 years after her adoption, LOUISA LAOS is now on her way to creating her own musical world, giving voice to her inner intellect, ready to break out on the next beat. With her relentlessly positive charisma, she always lights up the room with her presence. And one thing is for sure: it’s addictive to have her around. More urban than traditional, more RnB than mainstream pop – her warm but modern sound paired with her light but clear vocals convey an authentic picture of Louisa Laos and her inner thoughts. They carry the emotions through the speakers – straight to you.

🗓️ Date: Friday 22.09
🕒Time: 6:00 pm

Photo by Johanna Sophia Spahn


Sep 22 2023