Memória, Escrita e o Expressar no Corpo

Memória, Escrita e o Expressar no Corpo“ (Memory, Writing and the Expression of the Body)

– Betânia Ramos Schröder

Language and memory reconnect us with different ways of expressing, learning, communicating and dialoguing that cross cultures, contexts and generations. Through its richness and plurality in its different codes of expression, language continually reinvents itself, generating social technologies of re-existence, which incorporate diverse flows and make ancestral experiences and knowledge firmly connected with the present. In this workshop we will have the individual and collective experience of recalling our oral experiences and learning, the fruit of intergenerational encounters in the sharing of knowledge that has marked our life trajectory. Speech, writing and the body will be our path of immersion in this experience.

🗓️ Date | Sa., 23.09.

Time | 10h-12h

📍Location | Atelier Diáspora

🎟️ Cost | 25€

👥 Participants | max. 12 people

🌍 Language | German

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    Betânia Ramos Schröder

    is an Afro-Brazilian activist, sociologist, and daughter of Osùn. Three years ago, she began her journey through the Afro-Brazilian tradition of Candomblé. Betânia worked in various countries for One World for more than ten years. She was the author of the column "Vozes da Diáspora" (Diaspora Voices) for the Brazilian magazine Carta Capital and is a columnist for the YouTube channel Pensar Africanamente. She also organized the book "O legado de Marielle Franco e as mulheres Afro-brasileiras em Frankfurt und Mainz". Additionally, she is involved in various projects that aim to increase the visibility of Afro-diasporic literature from the perspective of the Global South, especially from Africa and the diaspora. Her decolonial attitude occasionally manifests itself in her work as an author and columnist and comes from the  movement, dance and new consciousness experiences.


Sep 23 2023


10:00 - 12:00


Orber Straße 24, 60386 Frankfurt am Main