International Women‘s* Theatre Festival



– Edith van den Elzen and Julia Panzer

In a poetic improvisation a musician and a visual artist are finding their call to nature. Call and answer of images and sounds, cellist Julia works with a loop station to find repetition and new expressive possibilities for her classical instrument. Video artist Edith works with a collection of images that have been created over the last years, mostly shot in nature, and tells a story through color and silence. They are both expanding the opposite media to a higher performative way, using more senses than only hearing or seeing.

🗓️ Date | Thursday, 21.09.

Time | 9:30 p.m. – Duration | 40 min


🌍 Language | n/a

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    Edith van den Elzen

    is a video artist who finds inspiration and material in nature, ranging from close-ups of the little details to wide landscapes. She often collaborates in collectives and works together with musicians, performers and other visual artists, using improvisation as an important role. In her work, she uses spatial objects or she creates this three-dimensional effect with projections. She also documents creative theatre processes or workshops with a quiet and observing eye, using music and soundscapes that are taken in that moment and finding the story with images rather than with textual explanation. Edith graduated at the art academy in film and video art in the Netherlands, where she also experimented throughout this path with painting, photography and conceptual art. Recently, she is connecting performance more with the creative process.


    Julia Panzer

    is a versatile cellist who is always on the lookout for new expressive and tonal possibilities for her instrument. During her studies in Leipzig, she deepened her passion for cross-genre music-making by founding the neo-classical "mondëna quartet", with which she collaborates with exciting artists such as Sven Helbig, Felix Meyer, Felix Rösch, etc. In December 2022, the first quartet album "Circles" was released, which was nominated four times for the Opus Klassik. Classical orchestral music also plays a major role in Julia's life: she has already played in the MDR Symphony Orchestra, the hr Symphony Orchestra, the Staatstheater Darmstadt and is a committed member of the Junge Deutsche Philharmonie. With her loop station and her solo project "Repetition", she creates transcendent meditative moments and strolls discreetly between ambient, minimal music, folk and classical music.


Sep 21 2023