Munterfel is a young gender-balanced band collective consisting of four young musicians based in Leipzig. They create danceable pop music, but influences from (acid) jazz as well as soul and funk are unmistakable. Represented by double bass on the one hand and unique synthesizer sounds on the other they perform both electronically and acoustically. Most times, their music is about dreamy places, escaping reality, in which you can get lost dancing within your own thoughts. Currently they are working on an EP, which will be released in October.

Munterfel Aline, the heartbeat. While she puts a shape to Munterfel’s music, you can’t tell whether she’s dancing or dreaming. Ida, the voice, as diverse as a box of a 1000 different colours. She will take you to the most beautiful places, drawn in her dreamy lyrics and punchy hooks. Laurenz, the brain. His creativity seems to be endless, especially concerning the sounds he produces in his fortress of synthesizers. Leo, the body – his fingers seem to be smiling once he plucks a string. His warm sound naturally embraces all space around him.


Sep 16 2021




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