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We all know the process of decision-making: the inner dialogues, the fear of taking the leap, the courage of the nothing, the pleasure of uncertainty, the rediscovery and the new joy of life. And when we have finally made up our minds, we know that we don’t know anything – and never will. 7 women have explored these aspects. They show us moments of NORA – the woman we could all be. On stage, we see 5 female circus artists and a female musician. Accompanied by a live soundtrack they create unique moments and atmospheres with aerial artistry, balance and juggling.

A woman. In the midst of life.
Everything is going well, everything is settled. She is doing well.
An impulse. A thought, a word, an encounter.
She senses something.
She fights against it. She can’t resist. She falls headfirst into a new dimension.
But she knows who she is.
She falls. Quickly.
A belief, an inner strength, keeps her upright. A voice.

She balances elegantly and begins to play with the risk.
She jumps, although she does not know if she will land – and where?
She lands. She is caught. She is not alone.
The room transforms. She has to reorient herself. She regains her footing. But disoriented. She has become vulnerable. She looks. Into the depths.
In doing so, she is attacked. It hurts.
She sees dark parts.
She remembers the voice. Trust. She does not fight it. She lets it happen.
She breaks down piece by piece and seeks her new order.
She seeks structure and clarity. She likes it. She dances.
She finds an inner voice. A female dialogue partner.
She begins to play. She finds pleasure in it.
She realizes that she will never be safe, that she will never know, that she will always be searching and that she must welcome the game.
She feels at home again and a next impulse, thought or encounter comes and everything starts all over again.

Anna-Katharina Andrees, director and author of the piece, has founded the 7 Women Company with women of very strong character, whose life stories and origins are remarkably different, in order to make it possible to experience a decision-making process on stage with them and their respective artistic language and to live through it in the creation itself.

Duration: 60 min without break
Performers: Aïssatou Casas, Yoka Rapp, Bronwen Pattison, Estrella Urban, Julia Fiebelkorn, Kathrin Wagner
Author & Director: Anna-Katharina Andrees
Creation: Berlin 2021


Sep 19 2021




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