Nur eine Rose als Stütze

Meriam Bousselmi & Miriam Lemdjadi


Theatre workshop on poetry and empowerment

Women are often caught between existing norms and role definitions. One aspect that enables them to free themselves from restrictive expectations is to look at themselves and their own options in a different light. Our workshop is designed to challenge the self-perception of womyn and their ability to express themselves. Based on an interpretation of Hilde Domin’s poetic work and biography, we want to examine the female (mis)-(re)-presentations of self, others, home and belonging using a mixture of storytelling and narrative analysis. In the workshop we will also refer to current poets and formats such as instagram poetesses and poetry slams. In doing so, we will explore the question of the extent to which poetry has to do with the world we live in and what words can achieve. Together we would like to read poems, recite them, disassemble them, put them on stage and continuing them. In the end, we will give our own stories a voice through storytelling.

The workshop will be led by the lawyer, director and author Meriam Bousselmi. She is supported by Miriam Lemdjadi, who organizes and accompanies the project. She is a theatre educator, director and performer. As theater makers, the two want to share the experiences of women as wanderers and carers and learn what has supported them on their travels. They are particularly interested in exploring the ways in which they have found their balance and how their experiences can inspire other women. This empowerment is a central concern for them both in a local and international context.


Sep 27 2020


10:00 - 13:00



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