Pandora’s Box

Pandora forces us to look: As she opens the vessel, evil escapes. What to do and above all: Where to put hope? The pandemic is not Pandora and is experienced differently depending on the country, society, class, gender, etc., but it also creates pressure to act: We are called upon to think about a change in our respective places and across borders in the face of this catastrophe, which goes beyond the current situation and includes problems from before. In the container, the first perspectives of women* and allies become visible who have been working artistically on transformations since before Covid-19, but who have not stopped with the pandemic either.

Let Pandora’s Box surprise you…

Renata Pegorer – “Quem sou” and “Careas”
Laís Aranha – “Cat’s Cradle” and “casa”
Terezinha Malaquias – NA POSE/IN DER POSE
Pleun Gremmen and Edith van den Elzen – Parts of this work may contain nudity. Do you want to proceed?
Alyona Mamay – “How to be”
Frauen und Fiktion z.H. Eva Kessler – (save me) not – ein Hörtheater von Frauen und Fiktion
Barbara Schaefer – “Barbed Wire In Between – A Journey in Awareness”


Sep 24 2020




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