Private Bestiary

Natasha Czertok
Teatro Nucleo


By whom, what and how do we feel represented? In which fixed roles and with which basic characteristics do we perceive ourselves? This piece processes audio recordings in which people of different ages, different genders and with different social and geographical backgrounds respond. Through soundscape and performance, a kaleidoscope of monstrous beings is created: a private bestiary.

Language: English

Concept, choreography and performance: Natasha Czertok

Music: DJ Vincenzo Scorza

Natasha Czertok is an actress, director, choreographer and drama teacher. She has two degrees in Literature and Philosophy (University of Ferrara) and Education (University of Bologna), one of which she completed with distinction. Trained at Teatro Nucleo, she has been working there since 2001 and takes part in all national and international productions.  She studied classical and modern dance with Gladiola Orozco of the Ballet Teatro del Espacio (Mexico D.F.). Furthermore, she studied contemporary dance with many different teachers, including Giorgio Rossi, Marcella Bassanesi, Michele Monetta, Yves Le Breton, P.P. Koss, Roberta Carreri, Judith Malina, Emma Dante and Alessandro Berti. She is founder of the Garabombo Teatro and the Urbanica Festival in Ferrara. She teaches body expression at the Training School “L’Attore Sciamano” and carries out theatre pedagogical projects. Selected theatre productions: “DOMINO” (2018), “Luce nell’ombra” selection “Premio Scenario per Ustica” (2014) and plays for children, including “In the bottle” and “Chenditrì-L’albero delle caramelle”.


Sep 25 2020




Hauptbühne Outdoor protagon
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