Project. Fail

with  Ana Clara Montenegro and  Alice Nogueira

Two humans, one machine and multiple viewers: Somewhere on the border between the virtual and analog worlds, the performers behave sometimes as humans and sometimes as avatars in a game of gaining and losing power and control. By relating to each other as well as to the invisible machine, they propose a situation for questioning humanity’s ways of life and the choices that have led us to our current crises and failures. Because: failure is the consequence of a pre-existing right or wrong.

Ana Clara Montenegro is a Brazilian dance artist and performer. Her work between Brazil and Germany focuses on improvisation and composition, using the multiple possibilities of the body to engage with the environment, feminist theories and digital media.  Ana Clara was a member of 16 Mulheres e ½, an independent dance and performance collective based in Sao Paulo that explores movement as a political statement. As a teacher, she leads classes in contemporary dance techniques and improvisation. In 2019, she joined the MA program in Choreography and Performance at the University of Gießen. She created the project “Digital Work Project.Fail ERROR 404 (2020)” together with Alice Nogueira.

Language: English
Duration: 45 min
Actors: Ana Clara Montenegro and Alice Nogueira
Direction: Ana Clara Montenegro


Sep 17 2021




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