International Women‘s* Theatre Festival



– Naïma Baraka ZID Theater

Is she a fighter, a diva or a dreamer? Or is she all in one?

“Rebel“ is a solo performance by Naïma Baraka about a female kickboxer who reveals her story. She takes us along the incentives and powers of a modern-day woman. In her energetic and emotional performance, she gets confronted with the limitations of her environment, culture and expectations. A story about being true to yourself, resilience and trust. “Rebel“ is an inspiration for everyone, especially for women who want to follow their authentic path. We follow Naïma from the moment she faced the world around her as a little girl full of optimism, w­e see her on a long road with ups and downs, until the moment she meets her grandmother in Morocco, who gives her the message: Follow your dreams!

  • Concept, text and performance: Naïma Baraka
  • Direction: Karolina Spaić
  • Production: ZID Theater

🗓️ Date | Wednesday, 20.09.

Time | 7:00 p.m. – Duration | 50 min


🌍 Language | English

👥Participants* | n/a

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  • BIOS:
    • Concept, text and performance: Naïma Baraka
    • Director: Karolina Spaić


    Naïma Baraka

    is a performer, kickboxer, butoh dancer and urban storyteller. She has been involved in theatre from an early age, with years of training in physical theatre. Her love for mixed martial arts brought her to take part of mastering the skill of kickboxing over more than a decade. She is an experienced kickboxing teacher and teaches a diverse range of people. In her solo Rebel she brings the world of theatre and kickboxing together. Naïma has been performing in various shows at ZID Theater since 2017. She has her own organisation, BARAKA EMPOWERMENT, where she works multidisciplinary. Here, dance, movement, theatre, kickboxing and education come together.


    Karolina Spaic

    is a theatre director and director of ZID Theater – City Art and Performance Centre in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. After having studied classical ballet and literature in Belgrade (Serbia), she graduated from the International Theatre Department at the HKU Utrecht in the Netherlands. In 2001, she founded ZID Theater and has made dozens of productions that have been performed in the Netherlands and abroad. Through her specialisation at the International School of Theatre Anthropology (ISTA), headed by Eugenio Barba, she developed a passion for combining Western and non-Western art forms.


Sep 20 2023