Grandmother spider sits in her web and weaves the world. Dreams, memories, decisions. Freedom and free will. Stories and destinies.

A woman in a spider’s web; space networked by cords, the cords knotted with objects. Objects networked through sounds, etc. We are interwoven and vulnerable. The web of the spider woman tries through installation, performance, music, indoors as well as outside, to get to the bottom of current political, sociological, scientific topics. Things, thoughts, spaces and sound are interwoven, threads are picked up and dropped again. Like a net or an underground root system, this research project will explore interconnectedness and interweaving in content and form. This will take place on different levels:
In performance, installation, conversations, sound and body and associatively like a net itself.

Dance & Music: Anna Orkolainen, Marja Burchard
Light: Maasl Maier


Sep 15 2021




protagon Kulturgelände
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