#STORYFELD: The Pan-Female Global Government

#STORYFELD: The Pan-Female Global Government

A story exchange between stage and audience

with Rachel Clarke, Shabana Maliki, Carina Heidl, Masa Nejadfallah
und DJane Iona Hamilton



Which of your Selves do you realise at the IFTF Festival?   Which Self is in the lead when you write, direct, perform, demonstrate?  Is there such a thing as “female” leadership?  Here and elsewhere in the world? Or do we need to rethink more radically and diversely?

Each of the three rounds starts with an impulse story from one of our guests, then the audience share their stories.  Reflect on past experiences and make new ones.  Hold on to some, let go of others and gain insights. The stories are accompanied by a DJ, until finally everything turns into the big picture and dance and you realise: strangers have become friends.

#STORYFIELD – where stories fuse and create new(s)! Looking forward to your stories.

  • Duration: approx. 130 Minutes – including 90 Minutes Audience participation.
  • Language: German / English – plus more languages
  • www.storyfelder.de


Oct 01 2022




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