Tanja Silcher

Tanja Silcher singer-songwriter and double bass player. Her music is provocative, fresh, funny, sociocritical, political … basically everything except romantic. At the festival she can be seen on stage together with guitar, percussion/vocals and accordion.

Tanja Silcher, born and raised in Schorndorf near Stuttgart. In June 2015, she successfully completed her double bass studies with Marc Demuth. In addition to classical lessons with Peter Kasper, she plays in various projects. Since 2020, she lives as an independent musician and has not regretted it a single day. She has been writing her own pieces with German lyrics since August 2018 and started being on the road as a singer-songwriter in parallel with her work as a double bass player. Since January 2019, she has been taking singing lessons with Ursula Thies and has released her first own CD in February 2020.


Sep 17 2021




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