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We need each other to experience our limitations and we need each other to expand our limited perspectives. The workshop explores how we orient ourselves in movement while acknowledging our limited perspectives, based on the theoretical-philosophical pillars of Donna Haraway’s theory of feminist objectivity and Sara Ahmed’s Queer Phenomenology. According to Sara Ahmed, orientation first of all means knowing where I am. It has something to do with how and where we take up space and with what specific effectiveness we move, take up space and form bodies. But how do we come to move in this direction and not in that one? Viewed from a somatic, performative and phenomenological perspective, orientation results from embodied repetitions that shape a trace of habit. In the workshop we will work with an approach that I call ZOOM IN – ZOOM OUT. Through somatic practices, stimulating imaginations, speculative movement designs and shared spatiality, we sensitize the inner sense of orientation and at the same time connect with the external events. We understand our body as a topography of knowledge – like a map, with traces, borders and turning points to be explored and designed.

Mareike Buchmann lives in Wiesbaden and works as a dance and performance artist, movement researcher and mediator. For her, dancing means entering into a relationship with herself, the world and others. She understands dancing as research in movement. Her practices focus on empathic responsibility, participatory presence, moving perspectives, real connections and decentralized imaginations. In addition to her own projects, she teaches. She is currently writing a dissertation between science and art. The workshop TEIL:WEISE MEHR WERDEN – PART:LY BECOMING MORE is part of her intensive practical and theoretical research.

  • Datum: Friday, September 25th, 2020
  • Zeit: 2:00 – 4:00 p.m.
  • Ort: Groove Dance Studio, Wächtersbacher Str. 76, 60386 Frankfurt
  • Gebühr: 30 €
  • Teilnehmer*innen: max. 30
  • Sprachen: English and German
  • Website: www.mareikebuchmann.de


Sep 25 2020


14:00 - 16:00



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Groove Dance Studio
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