Time frame or The color of my wall had changed a bit

with Gabriela Schwab Veloso

In the middle of a meadow stands  a room: the four walls are made of a metal scaffolding, a woman hangs on an air ring. The piece deals with Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s classic story “The Yellow Wallpaper” and impressions of women from the lockdown experience to describe a woman’s loneliness and her longing for the world outside the room.

Gabriela Schwab Veloso was born in 1980 in São José dos Campos, Brazil. At the end of her training as an actress and dancer at the University of São Paulo, she founded the dance theater group Companhia Auto-Retrato, where she developed the award-winning pieces “O Silêncio dos Mortos” and “Vôo Solo”. Since 2005, she has been living in Germany, where she continues to deepen her artistic language through the development of independent performances and collaborations with other artists such as in the aerial acrobatic partnership with Mareike Hennemann and in the German/Italian theater group Welcome Projekt.

Language: German
Duration: 50 min
Actress: Gabriela Schwab Veloso

Place: Green area across Wächtersbacherstraße 63, Fechenheim


Sep 19 2021



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Green area across Wächtersbacherstraße 63, Fechenheim
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