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Womxn Performing Selves – Theatre – Live Music- Site Specific Performances – Video Installations – Workshops – Symposium

The fifth International Womxns Theatre Festival (13 – 19.09.2021) in Frankfurt am Main invites all womxn to share their positions and perspectives of artistic work on this year’s theme “Womxn Performing Selves” within the festival. Artists can now propose their research, productions and thoughts on culture and gender justice for our programme here.

Under the title “Womxn Performing Selves”, the cultural event offers a diverse representation of womxn. This year we will expand the festival framework to include theatre works in public spaces. We are looking for artists for a diverse audience. For this, we want to know what issues moved you during the pandemic. What formats and artistic language did you develop and try out last year?

The liveness of theatre will be preserved during the Covid 19 pandemic: through educational, social and cultural aspects, the IFTF’s new concept takes into account both the event in public space and directly at the festival venue. With a tried and tested hygiene concept, theatre performances with an audience on site are planned as well as their livestreams.

The International Womxn’s Theatre Festival offers a platform for all womxn to make new contacts and exchange ideas. In 2021, we want to continue the establishment of the network of independent performing artists from the RhineMain region. More information will be announced shortly on our social media channels.

We are looking for applications (with indication of budget and technical conditions) for:

  • Performances in public space, e.g. Audiowalk, Site-specifics etc.
  • Participants for the Festival Residency 13 – 19 September
    (Secure one of the limited artist residencies on site during the festival! during the festival! More information will follow soon).
  • Workshop leaders
  • Theatre and performances
  • DJanes & Live music
  • Pandora‘s Box: Video performance or video installation etc.
  • ‘Symposium’ – Contribution on the topic “Womxn Performing Selves”

The application should be sent with a project description, videos and a photo to our application form by 15.07.2021.