Hygiene concept
IFTF 2022

Hygiene concept IFTF 2022

The handling of Covid-19 continues to be a central issue for events such as the IFTF. Even though official regulations no longer oblige us to do so, we have developed a hygiene concept based on self-responsibility and solidarity.


We ask all visitors and staff to test themselves before entering the Protagon e.V. premises. At the entrance to our cultural area we offer tests and masks at cost price.


On the premises, please pay attention to the signs in the outdoor and indoor areas as well as on the stages and follow the instructions of our care team.


Our Care-Team is always present at the festival and available for all issues concerning hygiene and safety. If you would like to visit the festival or help out, but are unsure about the handling of Corona or any other topic, feel free to contact us and we will find a solution.

In all decisions we are of course bound by the official regulations valid for the festival period – – which can also change at short notice.

Thoughtfulness, solidarity and tolerance

We want to experience a festival with you where everyone can feel comfortable as much as possible. It is up to all of us to create such a space and to take values like thoughtfulness, solidarity and tolerance seriously.
We hope you will be there and look forward to meeting you.

Of course we are also interested in your feedback, which you are welcome to send to careteam(at)protagon.net senden könnt.