IFTF 2021

Womxn Performing Selves

Our festival celebrates its 5th anniversary this year and we will realize another year in a row a self-determined space for women* in the performing arts in Hessen.

The IFTF is part of the Magdalena Project, a dynamic intercultural network that crosses borders and generations. It is an international platform for the stage work of women*, a forum for critical discussions and a source of support, inspiration and collective education in the performing arts.

Based on this year’s motto “Womxn Performing Selves”, we therefore invite artists and groups to meet in presence from 13-19 September. For this purpose, we have curated a program that gives us a space for our voices and our artistic productions in the current situation where women* rights are again threatened worldwide.

IFTF 2021 invites us to discover the buried knowledge from history and the power hidden in our bodies. Bringing them out into the world as ritual is part of this year’s performances, through which witches, magicians, and other repressed predecessors of today’s feminists speak.

As theater makers we are visionary people. With our art we can create new realities and other worlds. Now women* are the protagonists of this revolutionary process, here we are writing a new history – in our lives and in art!


Welcome to the IFTF
– a feminist event for everybody!

The barrier-free access to the festival area as well as the theater events, performances and other cultural offerings are financed by donations.

Food and drinks are provided at the get-togethers in the evening at the bar with musical accompaniment by bands and DJ*anes playing open air.

The workshops are open as a safe space for interested women* and girls* and are financed by a fixed participation fee.

This year the festival also represents performances in the public space. There will also be regular live streaming of the performances on the performance days from September 15-19, 2021. You can find the access as well as the detailed program on our website.

Bárbara Luci Carvalho
and the IFTF team


from Rosemarie Heilig, Head of Department for Women and the Environment

and from Gabriele Wenner, Head of the Women‘s Department of the City of Frankfurt

May 2023

19 Sep
Halle protagon


18 Sep
music stage


17 Sep
Hauptbühne Outdoor protagon


16 Sep
Groove Dance Studio


15 Sep
protagon Kulturgelände


27 Sep
Hauptbühne Outdoor protagon


27 Sep
protagon Kulturgelände


24 Sep
Hauptbühne Outdoor protagon

Ave Maria