Women need more opportunities and their artistic positions more space – on stage, in art collections, directors‘ offices, in film productions and literature. Women artists in Hessen have something to say and they deserve to be heard, read and shown. The International Womxns‘ Theatre Festival is dedicated to a sustainable artistic change of the dynamics of power relations. It is thus doing feminist theatre work that contributes to making female creativity visible.

We as government of the Hessian state support this commitment because art and culture need every clever and creative mind in order to enrich and progress our society – and they certainly need the female perspective.

Angela Dorn

Minister for Science and Art of Hessen

Patroness IFTF 2022

Dear guests,

A warm welcome to you. We look forward to welcoming you again this year to an exciting program within the framework of the International Womxns‘ Theatre Festival. This year, the International Womxns‘ Theatre Festival is part of the Frankfurt festival „Politik im Freien Theater“ (Politics in Independent Theatre). We consider this connection to be right and strong. It is necessary to strengthen local and solidary alliances as well as the political importance of theatre, art and culture. The aim of the International Womxns‘ Theatre Festival is to think together about a future of equal opportunities and the role of feminist cultural work through theatre and performances, workshops and symposia.

We wish for the development of a space of critical inquiry of stereotypes that enables synergies, networking and joint action. Our local and international guests make an intersectional and international perspective on theatre possible.

The festival counts on cooperation and innovation, participation and involvement. We understand the shaping of joint future perspectives – feminist futures – as an important contribution to more gender equality and democracy in the cultural sector. The Women‘s Department of Frankfurt gladly supports and promotes the International Womxns‘ Theatre Festival again this year. In doing so, it contributes to more visibility and networking of feminist cultural workers. Here, in the togetherness, a feminist and multi-voiced utopia is clearly perceptible.

Gabriele Wenner

Head of the Women’s department in Frankfurt

Linda Kagerbauer

Consultant for G*rls Politics and Culture

Dear festival visitors,

For the sixth time in a row, the International Womxns‘ Theatre Festival presents the feminist perspective in the arts with a diverse program of education, music, theatre, dance and performance. Thereby, this year’s cooperation with the festival „Politik im Freien Theater“ (Politics in Independent Theatre) puts a topic to the centre that always accompanies the artistic work of women: power. The festival’s motto, among other things, sheds light on patriarchal structures in which we still live– and which also exist within the cultural sector.

Women theatre makers have a special power to point out realities and to help forming society. The International Womxns‘ Theatre Festival uses this power and strengthens the visibility of womxn artists on stage and with a program of many voices.

I wish all visitors and makers of the festival pleasurable and exciting days!

Dr. Ina Hartwig

Head of Department for Culture and Science Frankfurt

We are happy to welcome all of you to the International Womxns’ Theater Festival in Frankfurt am Main! At IFTF 2022, which is now taking place in Hessen for the 6th year in a row, our feminist energy will be discharged in powerful performances like you can see on the cover picture. They create an experience of something that comes from our dreams, desires and hopes and can only be experienced together. Thus, for a moment, the blueprint of a future for all of us is created.

The IFTF is part of the Magdalena Project, a dynamic intercultural network that exists across borders and generations. It is an international platform for womens’ stage work, a forum for critical discussion, and a source of support, inspiration, and shared education in the performing arts.

Under the theme “Feminist Futures”, from Sept. 26-Oct. 2, 2022, we join as international womxn artists from theater, performance, video, and music to search for moments of the future in the now with a stage that is radically utopian. You are cordially invited to participate in IFTF 2022 by listening, watching, witnessing and attending workshops as well as our symposium, because: Future is the moment we create something new! That’s why there is a special innovation this year: At IFTF 2022, you are warmly invited to participate in performances and develop blueprints of the future yourself!

As independent artists, everything we do revolves around creativity, formability and change. Therefore, the question of transformation and revolution is always part of our work. Within the work of protagon e.V., IFTF 2022 focuses on the transformation of gender and care relations as well as the relationship between humans and nature, in order to bundle our feminist energies even there and then, when only little energy is available in society as a whole.

I wish all of us a powerful, sustainable and solidary festival!

Bárbara Luci Carvalho, artistic director

& the IFTF-Team