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We are Women* of different backgrounds, ages and skin colors. But despite our diversity, we have one thing in common: the decision to take full possession of our female* body, and to re-create and question the social structures that have been forced upon it.

Our mission is to make this body a living manifestation that is in constant motion. One that needs to be more busy, loved, respected and free to move and discover the power to express itself as a political space.

Barbara Carvalho and the IFTF team

Thanks to Patricia Scheld, who created this drawing during the forums of the festival.

From 2016 to 2018, the International Women‘s* Theatre Festival (IFTF) – Magdalena Frankfurt has set the stage where theatre, culture and femininity can continue to be strengthened and accepted. Since 2018, the IFTF creates spaces to take up this cultural diversity and political interest in Frankfurt and Rhein-Main, and to use it for stronger dialogues and perceptions.

The goal of this international encounter is to discuss current topics on a artistic level. It will serve as both a festival for an interested audience as well as a symposium of experts on the topic of “Women in the theatre”. Artists and performers from these areas will perform for 4 days, give workshops and share experiences with the audience and other socially active women*. The workshops are dedicated to women as a shelter and are financed by a participation fee. Admission to all other events of the IFTF is free.

We are inviting female artists to contribute to The International Women’s Theater Festival by performing, giving workshops and sharing experiences with other socially active and engaged Women*. For 4 days we will approach the challenge of how to change the dynamics of power relations through the year’s theme „Collective Empowerment“. The main goal is to  establish a sustainable international theatre project dedicated to the long-term visibility of Women* in theatre and performance art.

We are part of the network The Magdalena Project.

The Asterisk (*)

stands for the people who define themselves as a woman. The International Women‘s* Theatre Festival is a platform for all women*. Which gender identity or sexuality a person attributes to themself is just as much a part of the feminist empowerment process as the promotion of people regardless of their background, religion or age. Exclusions due to group-based generalizations are racism. Men* are welcome to the theatrical performances and forums. The workshops continue to be a shelter for women*.