Pandora’s Box

Pandora’s box is the feminist container of the festival, a space that assembles 15 films and video artworks of womxn artists during the pandemic. Are you ready to open the box? Then climb the steps to its aluminium walls and enter a space of shortcuts through fiction and reality… Witness stories of murdered women in Germany, marvel at a space travel in fleshlight, mourn empty paradises. Observe the transgenerational growth of compost, meet artificial intelligences and alter egos and don’t forget to check out how the pretty woman character is created in Hollywood movies! Once you get inside, you can sink down in the comfortable seating and watch our durational program for a while. More information about the artist and the works will be available at the entrance and you’re welcome to stay inside as long as you wish.

More information about the artists of this year can be found in the program overview.


Sep 17 2021




protagon Kulturgelände
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